Curamys will continue its development into a global company based on steady advancement and innovative technology.

Curamys is a compound word meaning “mysterious cure” and “myth of Cura”, a Roman god who created humans with earth. As the name indicates, Curamys Co., Ltd. has been working to fulfill our singular purpose of curing rare and currently incurable diseases; these diseases are incredibly burdensome to patients and all of their family members. In doing so, Curamys works to leverage cell fusion technology to develop cell and gene therapies and diagnostic technologies.

The Curamys therapeutic-development approach has not been previously attempted by others and this novel approach provides tremendous potential that we are on the cusp of characterizing. Curamys will focus its efforts on obtaining domestic licenses in South Korea for treatment of rare disease after non- clinical safety and clinical (Phase 1 & 2) studies for a variety of rare diseases, not technology transfer. Globally, Curamys also seeks to establish local companies and gain recognition for its rare disease medicines. The cell fusion-based diagnostic technologies are expected to transform the biomedical sciences by helping to identify genetic factors contributing to numerous rare diseases without known medical causes.

We at Curamys assure to put forth our utmost efforts to become a world-class company based on continued advancement and innovation, thereby maximizing our corporate value in the global market.

Thank you.

"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors"
CEOJung-Joon Sung