Cell Fusion

Curamys’ cell fusion technology involves the fusion of fusogenic stem cells to unhealthy cells. Similar to anti-aging concept and approach of transfusing blood from a young and healthy individual, this innovative technology is designed to revive dying cells by fusing them with healthy and young stem cells.

A naturally occurring process in human

Cell fusion is a natural process that occurs in human. One important example of cell fusion in humans is fertilization, which occurs when a sperm cell meets an egg cell. Additionally, cells in a number of other tissues are generated by cell fusion, including: i) fiber cells of muscles, ii) osteoclasts, that are responsible for bone absorption, and iii) placental cells. Cell fusion takes place ceaselessly and safely in many areas of the body.

A technology for reviving dying cells

Cell fusion is proven to inhibit apoptosis remarkably more efficiently compared to other drugs developed for cellular protection; this benefit is even conferred to dying cells, specifically those that have already entered apoptosis.

Globally unique technology

Cell fusion is a unique technology owned exclusively by Curamys and our approach has never been attempted as a potential cure for various diseases and conditions.

A technology making gene therapy possible

Cell fusion, an innovative mechanism that revives dying cells, can function as a form of gene therapy when the normal copies of genes existing in treatment cells are transferred to dying cells. Gene editing can also be applied using this cell fusion approach.